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Title: The Rules
Post by: SonicBlue77 on September 05, 2009, 09:30:12 am
Here are the rules for the forum. If you do not abide to them, you will be warned once. If you break a rule again, you WILL be banned. There are exceptions though:
If on the second offense, the second rule you break is not that much of a deal, you will be warned but if it IS a big deal, you WILL be banned.
If you break a serious rule on the first offense, like ****, you will be banned on the spot.

Section 1: Behavior

There shall be no flaming in Green Hill Zone, I will not tolerate it, and neither will the other staff members. If your some reason clueless of wut flaming is, flaming is an online argument that takes a nasty turn and becomes a hate fest of pain so to speak. If you flame someone, you are probaly gonna get banned.

Keep all outside disputes outside! We do not need a thread full of spam and hatred. No thank you. xP

More then one account:
If you have a little brother or sister who wants to have a account on here too and also use your computer, please contact a staff member first to make sure it's ok. Chances are it wil be but make sure first.

Section 2: Posting

Do not spam on Green Hill Zone! Spam is a post that has no use and is pointless and it shall not be prohibited here! If you spam, you will be banned for a day. If it keeps up, you will be banned for as many days as the staff decide to ban you.

Make a topic once. If the thread is a hacking thread though for example, or is a thread your making that is a project of yours (Game Maker, RPG Maker, etc) then it is ok as long as the post is an update or if your answering questions. Other then that though, you should not multi-post, cause you'll have no excuse.

Please look at your message first before you post it, just to make sure that it's capitalized, spelled, and makes sense. If your post is crap, you will probaly be laughed at.

Section 3: Content Restriction

Explict Content:
No adult-oriented material, such as **** OR hentai is allowed. Also, do not post textually explicit. If you do, you will be banned and the thread trashed.

Illegal Material:
No illegal material is allowed to be posted or linked on Green Hill Zone. THis includes illegal software, edits to software to make them fully functional, or roms. If we catch you posting illegal stuff, you will most likly be banned and the thread will be deleted ASAP.

Do not advertise outside of your signature or it will be deleted. Case closed.

Section 4: Hacking Boards

Crappy Hack videos:
Don't post crappy videos of hacks. This includes cutoff platforms, floating munchers (SMW), bad palettes, and everything in-between.

Submitting crappy material:
If you submit a bad hack, it will be deleted. See the above rule for details.