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21  The Site / The Office / Re: The IRC on: September 19, 2009, 08:13:33 pm
Any of you spend time at that IRC?

Almost every staff member is there. Why wouldn't we anyways? :3
22  Rom Hacker's Paradise / SMW2/YI Hacking (WB) / Re: My currently unnamed YI Hack on: September 18, 2009, 03:50:34 pm
That looks quite interesting. I like the BG palette for screenshot 1 and 5. This looks like something i'd play, it looks fun. :3
23  The Site / Announcements / Re: The plans as follows... on: September 14, 2009, 06:04:22 pm
will there still be a moneys system?

We're pulling out all the tricks as possible.
Money System - yes
Shop - yes
filebin - maybe, it depends if we can
Also, weegee is using JustHost. We will have unlimited GB, GB transfer, emails, and tons more to mess with.
Thx for all the early mem bers for being good sports and I hope to see you when we have hosts. Smiley
24  The Site / Announcements / Re: The plans as follows... on: September 13, 2009, 02:38:11 pm
We will get rid of the advertising. DOn't worry, it'll go away.
Also, weegee is gonna buy the host tomorrow or tuesday.  Grin Cool
25  Dumpster / Blackhole / Test on: September 07, 2009, 09:56:17 pm
Test hahaha  Shocked Cool Huh? Roll Eyes
26  Dumpster / Blackhole / Re: Submissions on: September 05, 2009, 01:25:06 pm
Unfortunately, uploaders are impossible on this server. You cannot CHMODE the directories to 777, or use PHP at all on this server.

well, we could just use mediafire or something then. Bah IDK.
27  The Site / The Office / Welcome To Green Hill Zone! on: September 05, 2009, 10:09:04 am
Hello everyone and welcome to Green Hill Zone! I am the founder, SonicBlue77! I, along with Percent, Firebar, and Weegee (Lemmy is temporary admin, but will be local still) are the admins and we'd like to say have a good time here at Green Hill Zone and don't slip on the soap we will be starting a merge with WEB (World Elite Brawlers) and Weegee Boards (WB for short xP). Look at the Plans thread in the Announcement board for details.

Anyways, there will be alot of stuff happening over the next couple of weeks so just be aware of stuff. Also, tell us if we accidentally delete something (thread, section, etc) and we will add it back. Also, don't forget to register!   Smiley

I hope to see alot of you register and on here often. All this place is about is hanging out and making friends and just having a good time. If any of you know of something that needs to be added or deleted, etc, please notify the staff team and we will get on it! We care about your safety and your enjoyment.  Wink

- The Staff Team
28  Emporium of Imagination / Movie Madness (WEB) / SSB Series Japanese Music Remixes on: September 05, 2009, 09:52:54 am
I guess you'd call them remixes....I can't think of a better name for them atm. xP
Anyways, here's my favorite:
29  The Site / The Office / The IRC on: September 05, 2009, 09:45:33 am
If you really like the site and wanta hang out with the staff and others, come join our IRC channel on Rizon and Caffie servers.

Channel: #Green_Hill_Zone
Server: Rizon and Caffie servers

Come hang out with us. Cheesy
30  Rom Hacker's Paradise / Complete Hacks/Other Stuff (WEB) / Submissions on: September 05, 2009, 09:41:05 am
Upload your hacks, ExGFX, etc to mediafire or any other free uploading site and put the Link here.
31  Rom Hacker's Paradise / Complete Hacks/Other Stuff (WEB) / Beta Testers on: September 05, 2009, 09:36:55 am
If you wanta be a beta tester, please say so so I can put you as one. I'll edit this post when people start signing up. Also, tell wut you'll beats test for. Example: playing ability, bugs, etc.

                                                                                BETA TESTERS

32  Dumpster / Blackhole / Re: Rules on: September 05, 2009, 09:30:59 am
Made new better rules.
33  The Site / The Office / The Rules on: September 05, 2009, 09:30:12 am
Here are the rules for the forum. If you do not abide to them, you will be warned once. If you break a rule again, you WILL be banned. There are exceptions though:
If on the second offense, the second rule you break is not that much of a deal, you will be warned but if it IS a big deal, you WILL be banned.
If you break a serious rule on the first offense, like ****, you will be banned on the spot.

Section 1: Behavior

There shall be no flaming in Green Hill Zone, I will not tolerate it, and neither will the other staff members. If your some reason clueless of wut flaming is, flaming is an online argument that takes a nasty turn and becomes a hate fest of pain so to speak. If you flame someone, you are probaly gonna get banned.

Keep all outside disputes outside! We do not need a thread full of spam and hatred. No thank you. xP

More then one account:
If you have a little brother or sister who wants to have a account on here too and also use your computer, please contact a staff member first to make sure it's ok. Chances are it wil be but make sure first.

Section 2: Posting

Do not spam on Green Hill Zone! Spam is a post that has no use and is pointless and it shall not be prohibited here! If you spam, you will be banned for a day. If it keeps up, you will be banned for as many days as the staff decide to ban you.

Make a topic once. If the thread is a hacking thread though for example, or is a thread your making that is a project of yours (Game Maker, RPG Maker, etc) then it is ok as long as the post is an update or if your answering questions. Other then that though, you should not multi-post, cause you'll have no excuse.

Please look at your message first before you post it, just to make sure that it's capitalized, spelled, and makes sense. If your post is crap, you will probaly be laughed at.

Section 3: Content Restriction

Explict Content:
No adult-oriented material, such as **** OR hentai is allowed. Also, do not post textually explicit. If you do, you will be banned and the thread trashed.

Illegal Material:
No illegal material is allowed to be posted or linked on Green Hill Zone. THis includes illegal software, edits to software to make them fully functional, or roms. If we catch you posting illegal stuff, you will most likly be banned and the thread will be deleted ASAP.

Do not advertise outside of your signature or it will be deleted. Case closed.

Section 4: Hacking Boards

Crappy Hack videos:
Don't post crappy videos of hacks. This includes cutoff platforms, floating munchers (SMW), bad palettes, and everything in-between.

Submitting crappy material:
If you submit a bad hack, it will be deleted. See the above rule for details.

34  Glorified Gamers / Cheaters Delight (WEB) / Mario Kart 64 Shortcuts on: September 05, 2009, 09:09:58 am
Post here awesome or neat shortcuts from Mario Kart 64.
Here's one I posted long ago in WEB:
Quote from: SB77 from WEB
This Shortcut is one I found a day ago by accident and was like," Holy Crap!!!." This is for Mario Kart 64 and is for the stage called...well, it's the first stage!  Smiley
I call it," Luigi's Over the Wall Dash( note: It doesn't require Luigi. )
1.After you come popping out of the tunnel, head toward the gray and brick wall, where they meet and look for the sixth brick from the left.
2. use a mushroom to blast toward the wall(right behind a tree) and jump as soon as you hit it.
3. If you done it right, you will literally fly like a bird(my opinion) and miss a good part of the track! If I were you, I would try this out!  Grin
35  Green Hill Bowl / BADMINTON / Re: BADMINTON on: September 05, 2009, 08:44:48 am
I srsly have no idea wut BADMINTON is lol.  Undecided *inb4 N00b from lemmy or someone*
36  The Site / Suggestions & Troubleshooting / Re: The jump to box on: September 05, 2009, 08:40:04 am
The jump to ........... box

sends me staight back to the main page Shocked

and so do other buttons (forgotten which ones)

Ok, thanks for telling. I'll tell Weegee ASAP and lemmy.
37  Glorified Gamers / Walkthrough/Cheat/Other (WB) / SSBB Walkthrough on: September 03, 2009, 09:37:07 pm
Here's my walkthrough from way back on WEB which has been left and forgotten by many, yet it finds it's way back, and it's better then ever!  Grin

Quote from: WEB
Marth- 10 vs./ use Ike to complete classic mode
Jigglypuff- event # 20/Allstar Brawl-any diffuculty
C. Falcon- 70 vs./complete classic under 20 minutes.
Sonic The Hedgehog-300 vs./subspace
Luigi- 22 vs./complete classic on easy
Snake- 130 vs.
now I will only say one option b/c I'm lazy!
Lucario- 100 vs.
Ness- 5 vs.(easy!)
Falco- 50 vs.
Mr G and W- 250 vs.
Toon Link- classic mode as link
Wolf- Ruins in subspace(more detail later)
R.O.B - 160 vs.
Ganon - 200 vs.
Wolf - skip first door in the ruins and go in the second door which is at the left, when falling get to the left, trust me.
Lucario alternative - use Metaknight and defeat Lucario in Subspace.

Stages(tell me if I miss any, please!)
Luigi's Mansion- classic mode on easy
Jungle Japes- play a melee stage 10 times
Electroplankton stage- event # 28
Mario Bros.- event # 19
Pokemon Stadium- play on Pokemon Stadium 2 10 times
Port Town(My stage!)- play as C. Falcon 10 times
Great Sea- Unlock Toon Link
Big Blue- brawl as C. Falcon 10 times/tip: play on the brawl stages 10 times so you get both..well, that was obvious!)
Spear Pillar- event # 25
Green Hill Zone- Unlock Sonic The Hedgehog
Flat Zone 2- Unlock Mr. G and W
Green Greens- play as kirby 20 times
play as DK 20 times
ok, well music will probaly be posted tomorrow.
hope this helps so far!

O2 Battle- collect more then 5000 coins in coin matches
Ri no Uta- hit 37,500 feet combined with all in the home run contest
Clu Clu Land- Hit 1,200 feet in HRC(now when I write HRC, that means Home Run Contest and TS means Target Smash.)
Super Smash Bros 64 Credits- clear classic on hard
Dream Chaser- brawl on port town 10x's
Metroid Ending- Brawl on Norfair 10x's
X-cite Truck- clear TS level 2 in 19 seconds...harsh!
Fire Field- clear the event titled Come on, Big Blue
Frozen Hillside- brawl on Halberd 10x's
Great Temple/Temple- clear the event titled Advent of the Evil King on hard diffuculty
Hidden Mountain and Forest- clear the event titled Dark Link Duel on hard diffuculty
His World(instrumental...why not the whole song, not instrumental...awww well!)- brawl on Green Hill Zone 10x's
Icicle Mountain- clear classic on normal dif.
Ike's Theme- have Ike join you in Subspace
King DeDeDe Theme- clear the event titled The Hammer of The King
Legendary Air Ride Machine- clear the event titled Dragoon Strike
Mach Rider- defeat 50 enemies in endless brawl mode
Super Mario 64 Main Theme- play 50 non-stop hours of brawl
Menu 2- unlock all players/char.
Multi-Man melee 1- clear 100 man brawl in under 4 minutes
Multiplayer(Metroid Prime 2)- brawl on Frigate Orpheon stage 10x's
Pokemon Center- get 200 different sickers
Power-Hungry Fool- Brawl on Castle Siege 10x's
Princess Peach Castle- unlock all the other melle stages
Road to Viridian City- clear the event titled Go! Triple Finish!
Snake Eater- brawl on Shadow Moses 15x's
Song of Storms- clear the event titled The Pirate Airship
Star Wolf(Star Fox Assualt Version)- clear the event titled The Wolf Hunts The Fox on hard dif.
Tal Tal Heights- clear Allstar on easy dif.3D Hot Rally- clear TS level 5
Lastly, Underwater Theme- brawl on Mushroomy kingdom 10x's.
38  The Site / Announcements / The plans as follows... on: September 03, 2009, 04:26:28 pm
Well, after some ideas and developments, we have come up with a plan for the site. This plan is a merge.
That's right, we are merging. With who you ask? Well, we are gonna merge with Weegee and Firebar's forum's. Firebar's is called WEB which stands for World Elite Brawlers and Weegee's is called Weegee Boards. Weegee will be buying the host for my site and then we will merge and my will become a our lol (technically it is already a our but you know wut I mean Tongue). For right now, we will be organizing this forum for the merge that'll happen soon if Weegee can rake up enough money like he's planning too. We will also be advertising on Google so expect alot of activity in the future once Weegee buys the host. I hope you all have a good day.  Grin
39  Green Hill Lounge / Forum Fun / Re: Count to One Million on: September 03, 2009, 04:08:24 pm
6 and such
40  Green Hill Lounge / Forum Fun / Re: Capture The Flag on: September 03, 2009, 04:01:09 pm
I use tweezers and gloves to extract the flag from which it came.

I hide the flag in ShadowNinjaNick's pocket.
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