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SSBB Walkthrough

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Author Topic: SSBB Walkthrough  (Read 285 times)
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« on: September 03, 2009, 09:37:07 pm »

Here's my walkthrough from way back on WEB which has been left and forgotten by many, yet it finds it's way back, and it's better then ever!  Grin

Quote from: WEB
Marth- 10 vs./ use Ike to complete classic mode
Jigglypuff- event # 20/Allstar Brawl-any diffuculty
C. Falcon- 70 vs./complete classic under 20 minutes.
Sonic The Hedgehog-300 vs./subspace
Luigi- 22 vs./complete classic on easy
Snake- 130 vs.
now I will only say one option b/c I'm lazy!
Lucario- 100 vs.
Ness- 5 vs.(easy!)
Falco- 50 vs.
Mr G and W- 250 vs.
Toon Link- classic mode as link
Wolf- Ruins in subspace(more detail later)
R.O.B - 160 vs.
Ganon - 200 vs.
Wolf - skip first door in the ruins and go in the second door which is at the left, when falling get to the left, trust me.
Lucario alternative - use Metaknight and defeat Lucario in Subspace.

Stages(tell me if I miss any, please!)
Luigi's Mansion- classic mode on easy
Jungle Japes- play a melee stage 10 times
Electroplankton stage- event # 28
Mario Bros.- event # 19
Pokemon Stadium- play on Pokemon Stadium 2 10 times
Port Town(My stage!)- play as C. Falcon 10 times
Great Sea- Unlock Toon Link
Big Blue- brawl as C. Falcon 10 times/tip: play on the brawl stages 10 times so you get both..well, that was obvious!)
Spear Pillar- event # 25
Green Hill Zone- Unlock Sonic The Hedgehog
Flat Zone 2- Unlock Mr. G and W
Green Greens- play as kirby 20 times
play as DK 20 times
ok, well music will probaly be posted tomorrow.
hope this helps so far!

O2 Battle- collect more then 5000 coins in coin matches
Ri no Uta- hit 37,500 feet combined with all in the home run contest
Clu Clu Land- Hit 1,200 feet in HRC(now when I write HRC, that means Home Run Contest and TS means Target Smash.)
Super Smash Bros 64 Credits- clear classic on hard
Dream Chaser- brawl on port town 10x's
Metroid Ending- Brawl on Norfair 10x's
X-cite Truck- clear TS level 2 in 19 seconds...harsh!
Fire Field- clear the event titled Come on, Big Blue
Frozen Hillside- brawl on Halberd 10x's
Great Temple/Temple- clear the event titled Advent of the Evil King on hard diffuculty
Hidden Mountain and Forest- clear the event titled Dark Link Duel on hard diffuculty
His World(instrumental...why not the whole song, not instrumental...awww well!)- brawl on Green Hill Zone 10x's
Icicle Mountain- clear classic on normal dif.
Ike's Theme- have Ike join you in Subspace
King DeDeDe Theme- clear the event titled The Hammer of The King
Legendary Air Ride Machine- clear the event titled Dragoon Strike
Mach Rider- defeat 50 enemies in endless brawl mode
Super Mario 64 Main Theme- play 50 non-stop hours of brawl
Menu 2- unlock all players/char.
Multi-Man melee 1- clear 100 man brawl in under 4 minutes
Multiplayer(Metroid Prime 2)- brawl on Frigate Orpheon stage 10x's
Pokemon Center- get 200 different sickers
Power-Hungry Fool- Brawl on Castle Siege 10x's
Princess Peach Castle- unlock all the other melle stages
Road to Viridian City- clear the event titled Go! Triple Finish!
Snake Eater- brawl on Shadow Moses 15x's
Song of Storms- clear the event titled The Pirate Airship
Star Wolf(Star Fox Assualt Version)- clear the event titled The Wolf Hunts The Fox on hard dif.
Tal Tal Heights- clear Allstar on easy dif.3D Hot Rally- clear TS level 5
Lastly, Underwater Theme- brawl on Mushroomy kingdom 10x's.
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